This is a day for gratefulness and a little sentimentality….I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little emotional writing this. When it comes time  to speak of my dad, it chokes me up just because I miss him and his huge energy so much. Words will never be able to explain the depth of it.

Kelly Childs' Father, Russ Childs
My AWESOME Dad…Russ Childs

I wanted to take the time out to acknowledge all the wonderful fathers on this planet. This is your day! I have been blessed to have had two very wonderful men in my life. One is my father, Russ, who had a truly significant impact on me. He was a man who taught me that nothing was out of my reach. He taught me that being a girl didn’t matter and that anything a boy could do, I could do better (Girl Power!) The second is my stoic and handsome husband, Ken,  who is the kind, generous and ever-teaching Step-Father to my daughter, Erinn and a tremendously supportive role model to her boyfriend, Mike (and who happens to be our GM at LettuceLove Cafe).

Erinn Weatherbie and Ken Childs
Erinn and Ken
Ken Childs and Mike Rennie at Kelly's Bake Shoppe Grand Opening
Ken and Mike at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe Grand Opening
Mike Rennie and Erinn Weatherbie have no idea that Ken Childs is about to 'bomb' them in the pool
Mike and Erinn have no idea Ken is about to ‘bomb’ them 🙂

My dad passed away in 1995….18 years ago and I still can’t get over how quickly time goes by. He died 3 weeks before his 62nd birthday from a brain aneurysm. There were no last hugs or last goodbyes, he just slipped into a deep sleep to never recover and within hours of admitting him to the Emergency Room, we were signing the forms to donate his organs to some very fortunate people that would receive them. The shock has lasted an eternity. He was my ‘go-to’ guy whenever I needed help and just to talk. His words of wisdom and “Russ-isms” always resonated so deeply with me that I was “little Russ” to anyone who knew me and my family.

Kelly Childs with her father Russ Childs on a hotel room bed in 1970
Me and my dad…1970

When we opened Kelly’s Bake Shoppe in December 2012, it was so difficult to not miss him. He was the guy who got me my first “Easy-Bake Oven” and built me my first “pretend” kitchen and bakery at the back of our home down a ravine, nestled in the woods. It was my magical escape to just hang out in the woods and be a baker making delicious mud pies and mud cakes (sprinkled with sparkling sand of course).

My husband Ken came into my life a few years after my dad died. It’s such a shame the two of them never met because I think they would have hit it off incredibly. I’m fortunate that I have someone (in Ken) that loves me and empowers me to be this Health Motivator, ‘Girl Power”, Entrepreneurial role model to others and he has been the most loving, caring, sweet husband one could ever wish for. In a funny way they are so similar with their creativity, sense of humour and tenacity….I’m so doubly blessed.

Kelly and Ken Childs enjoying a smoothie together at their favorite restaurant
Kelly and Ken

Thank you to Russ and Ken for being the BEST guys ever in my life! Dad, I know you’re with me every day here at the bakery and I hope I’m making you proud. You know that’s all I ever wanted. :))

Love forever your little girl,

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Kelly is the co-founder and co-owner (with her daughter Erinn) of the ever popular, Kelly's Bake Shoppe, where 1000's flock to on a weekly basis. She lives in Grey County with her two cats Daisy & Tuna. You can find Kelly developing and creating marketing content and building new business ideas with her daughter Erinn. They have the ever popular podcast: Cupcakes and Consciousness on Apple and Spotify. Tune into their latest shows. Kelly & Erinn are now writing their 2nd cookbook that is due to come out in winter 2023.

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