kelly childs_Erinn WeatherbieI can’t thank ALL of you enough for showering me with so much love for my birthday this weekend. Thank you to all of our customers, our beautiful staff, friends, family and loyal fans around the globe that have all supported us (Erinn and I) and our passion for what we choose to do every day. It seems as though over the past 5 years, we have certainly amassed a fair number of you. This post is realizing the power we can have in our 50’s.

What I’ve learned in my life so far is that the more joyful and grateful and passionate I am about my life, the more infectious it becomes for others. My greatness is not what I have; it’s what I GIVE. So for today, I’m going to continue to laugh my ass off and loudly giggle, talk crazy shit and push our business – that gives us that awesomeness, and not to mention, say totally inappropriate things (that embarrass my daughter and make her want to melt). I will continue to ‘push the envelope’ for myself to be the spark to ignite the passion within others and make them search deep down and find their authentic core. I will continue to walk to the beat of my own drum and stay true to me. (Did I say how much I love doing that?!). But what I enjoy the most today by being in my 50’s is the inner confidence and profound wisdom to relax into a ‘sexy life’ like never before. To own my self, my body, my thoughts, my wisdom and my power that has been truly untapped until now. I love the person I’ve become because I fought hard to become her.

By being this joyful and grateful and passionate about my life, I get thousands of ‘lovers’, lots of ‘likers’ and the odd ‘hater’ too, and that is okay with me. 
I have compassion for ‘haters’ and this actually turns out to be awesome for me as it is a part of all of our challenges and ultimate growth. I’ve come to realize that, “my light will always extinguish the darkness”, and it will encourage people to rethink and perhaps change their thoughts to develop a more compassionate and passionate way of living. Our ‘lovers’ will be our loyal followers and stay with Erinn and I forever and in turn, I will be eternally nourished by the culture that we have created. To me, the love I get back, is way more valuable than any kind of monetary reward I could ever possibly dream of receiving.

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I have reached a point in my life, where there is no need to impress anybody and this is the beginning of my freedom. I’m in charge of my own heart and my love deep within me is mine alone and I simply get so much joy by simply sharing it. It is about the incredible synergistic (sharing of) energy it produces and the power in becoming more and more confident, finding my wisdom, being secure with this sexy essence that percolates within me. I get to OWN WHO I AM.

Now THAT is sexy.

I’m aware that my ass may one day look like a bag of flapjacks, (ha!) and I’ve acquired a few wrinkles here and there, but I’m not trying to be the best-looking woman in the world. At a certain point, you start asking yourself, “What really is beautiful? What is sexy?” It’s not just the elevation of your boobs or the smoothness of your skin. It’s being present and having fun (laughing with ecstatic joy!) and knowing who you are and loving yourself deeply enough to be EXACTLY you. If I believed that sexy was trying to be 29 years old still then I’d be having a very hard time today.

At 52, I feel this simmering of ‘sexy power’ bubbling within me and I’m so excited to see where I’m going to end up over the next few years. When you surrender into this power, there is literally nothing that can stop you.

At the end of the day, what makes all this hard work worthwhile? What makes me smile and get all warm and fuzzy and know I’m doing well? When my awe-inspiring daughter turns to me and stares me in the eye and says, “Mom, you are my idol”. Me?! Are you kidding me?! Now that makes for a fucking great moment in my life. (Sorry for the shock value)

Happy Birthday to the Sexy Fifties!

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Pictures from my Kelly’s Bake Shoppe birthday weekend with Erinn, my family, some of my lovely girls and Andy too. xo


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Kelly is the co-founder and co-owner (with her daughter Erinn) of the ever popular, Kelly's Bake Shoppe, where 1000's flock to on a weekly basis. She lives in Grey County with her two cats Daisy & Tuna. You can find Kelly developing and creating marketing content and building new business ideas with her daughter Erinn. They have the ever popular podcast: Cupcakes and Consciousness on Apple and Spotify. Tune into their latest shows. Kelly & Erinn are now writing their 2nd cookbook that is due to come out in winter 2023.

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