50 years old


Awesomeness at 50. Celebrating my half century today! (and being cool in my own skin). My goodness it’s here and I’m okay. I made it! I’m the same person that I was 20, 30, 40 years ago….but I have to say, only a better, more refined and updated model. 🙂 To think of all the ups and downs, and good and bad struggles in my life and to have mastered them all and be where I am today gives me these goose bumps and shivers through my core. I can’t imagine living my last 50 years any other way and I’m very grateful for all of my lessons and ‘teachers’ that have come graciously into my life. I feel GREAT! Better than ever! 50 is Fabulous! 50 is Liberating! 50 is knowing who I am and to not be afraid to be it. 50 is the ultimate in Feminine Energy…

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