The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You – Rumi Ayahuasca Journal: 7 Days of “Surrendering To What Is”. I attended Rythmia, with my husband Ken, from February 11 to 18, 2018. Below is my daily journal for the week and what I experienced first hand at this transformational retreat centre. I want to express to you all that as much as I am sharing the incredible things that happened, I’m also sharing the mind-blowing “scary” things that happened. This is so very important for growth. Without experiencing the darkness, you can’t move into the light and this is what happened for me. I moved into a knowingness that I will never be separate from again. I moved into the knowingness of self-love and a profound attachment to my soul and self-worth. I would never have come into it without ‘jumping into –  darkness’. Welcome to my journey.…

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