body scrub


I ran out of my body scrub this morning and was pretty bummed out. There’s not a better feeling than vibrant skin that is free from dead skin living on top of it. YUK! When I scrub the dry skin off of my body, I can literally feel the difference in my health. I can feel my body and mind become revitalized and it heightens my energy level. I ‘feel’ glowing. Our skin is our largest organ and it is really essential to give it as much love as possible and allow it to do what it is supposed to do. By giving it TLC – and not using toxic chemicals on it (toxic moisturizers, sunscreens, chlorinated tap water, etc) and every other day remove dead skin cells (with a body scrub), this encourages our bodies to ‘breathe’ and function much more optimally – its a natural detox. Skin gets hit by a…

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