Carrot Cake Smoothie


Also known as the “Bunny Smoothie” back in our Kindfood days. We always make our own fresh carrot and ginger juice – it’s so easy. Commercially prepared juices are pasteurized, which causes so much nutrient loss.  With the cinnamon and banana, this smoothie tastes like that classic dessert we can’t resist! Active time: 5 minutes Total time: 5 minute 2 large carrots, peeled 1-inch piece of ginger 1 cup almond milk ½ avocado 1 frozen banana, chopped into 1-inch pieces 1 tablespoon unsweetened shredded coconut Pinch of cinnamon In a juicing machine, juice the carrots and the ginger just before you make the smoothie. In a heavy-duty blender on high speed, blend 2/3 cup of the carrot/ginger juice with the milk, avocado, banana chunks, coconut and cinnamon until smooth. Serve immediately. Makes 2 servings Did you know? Pasteurization involves heating to kill any harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, the process also kills…

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