…It is more than a day of Santa and gift-giving, food and delicious treats. It’s a magical holiday that comes from within – you won’t find it on the outside – absolutely, nowhere else. It’s a time when we can reflect and re-committ to living in a better place in our mind. It is a time for pausing and devouring every little morsel of appreciation for what we breathe in and breathe out. It is for us to re-introduce ourselves (today) into the world as those kind of people that takes each of our steps, of our days, with deep gratitude, for every encounter that we may have. It is to for us to pause and listen to people and do our best to connect with every soul that may wander our way in a deeper sense. We need to stay in our light while these souls share their personal stories, fragile feelings and perhaps, even lessons for us, and in…

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