dry skin in winter


Canadian winters are hard on our skin. We don’t really realize how much of a drying effect it can have on our hair and scalp and skin and nasal passages. I thought I would share some healthy natural protocols that we use every day and once you start, you will be like us and stop using conventional moisturizing products that hurt your health with chemicals. Every winter season it is like right on cue and for me and I get dry skin, dry scalp, even nosebleeds and cracked finger tips too…yikes! Right beside my finger nails. Ouch! Do they ever hurt! Erinn also suffers from dry skin, with her hands getting especially rough, and a dry scalp too. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – use as a moisture rinse for your hair. 1 tablespoon in a litre of water in the shower for a final rinse. I keep a plastic bottle…

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