Erinn Weatherbie new year wishes


I’m making this year (2015) a year of love and kindness and deep learning for me. Some deep daily gratefulness too. I wish nothing less than this for all of you…. I had big dreams to write a beautiful and long post and share some deep profound feelings with a all of you but alas, I’m under the weather (achy head, body and throat…obviously stressed out) and needing to go to bed soon. It’s funny what we get, smack dab right in our faces….on a silver platter no less, when we don’t listen to our bodies and our surroundings and when we don’t find our balance to handle what is being tossed at us every day. We’ve been very busy over the past month, to say the least, and the holiday season is always time for stressful moments and thoughts. This makes it so much more important to grab your…

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