Erinn Weatherbie Smoohtie Recipe


Rich chocolate and blueberries. Pure Deliciousness….as you’ll see below, I’m giving you the list of ingredients and WHY I use them in my smoothies. As always, if you can’t find them – let me know and I’m happy to help. Blueberries give you Vitamin C and E and those Antioxidants we need so badly to remove the Free Radicals that keep bumping around in our bodies creating havoc for our healthy little unsuspecting cells in particular, the anti-aging Free Radicals and helps to ward off wrinkles. It’s a brain protector because of some very special phytonutrients found in these berries that defend the watery and fatty parts of the brain against environmental toxins. …..Funny enough, Blueberries also activate the fat-burning gene in abdominal fat cells. Crazy! – So indulge in these beautiful creations. Did you know that Cacao (which is the RAW – unheated form of Cocoa) has 400X the…

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