Erinn Weatherbie success story


I’m off  to NYC! Back Friday….. Just a quick update that I’m off to NYC and to sign the book deal we’ve been waiting for! Erinn and I are so excited. This book will encompass everything we’ve been up to in the plant-based, healthy world and how we arrived to where we are today. Recipes from Lettuce Love Cafe and Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, “How-To’s”, Living your BEST LIFe ever….I can’t wait to share it all all with you. I know Erinn is super excited too. Stay tuned for more love and updates. Love,

My daughter Erinn… Well the time has come and she is officially done school…we celebrated Erinn’s graduation from McMaster University yesterday at our home. Thank you to my wonderful husband Ken (the best party planner ever), the event was spectacular. Dear Erinn, No words will ever fully express how I feel and what this day meant to me. Pride. Excitement. Joy for you. Sadness now that it’s done. Erinn, you are a gift to the world. You are not mine, but a gift that came through me… for me to give to the planet. With humble gratitude. Thank you for choosing me as your mom. You are not only my dearest friend, my motivational mentor, my spiritual life coach, my focus, and my loyal confidant, you also my daughter. I look at you everyday with grateful eyes wondering how I could have been so fortunate. I’ve never had to discipline…

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