Empathy is difficult. “If you believed what he believes, you’d probably do precisely what he’s doing”. Think about that for a second. People act based on the way they perceive THEIR world. We react, we get angry, we cry, we are joyful, we praise, we are critical, we are judgmental, we shout, we rage, we are blessedly happy……Every single time, our reaction to anything that happens to us is manifested from our perception of what our reality is. “Understanding someone else’s story is hard, a job that’s never complete, but it’s worth the effort.” – Seth Godin Read this one hundred times. It’s short and you can sit quietly in it and feel your feelings about the world, yourself and the people that surround you when you re-read it. What can you do to shift the way you believe things to be? Can you simply give compassion and say, “Boy, I think…

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