healthy christmas recipes


It’s Christmas Again!! (and maybe it’s time to re-think our values) My mom used to say that as you get older-life goes faster and to enjoy it while I’m able. I try to do this every day. I’m now approaching the infamous “5-0” and I see, even more so now, how we are all caught up in the fast-paced consumerism lifestyle and I have to say this out loud, “Why? Why is it so important for all these gifts under the tree, why is it such a priority to have the most ‘this’ or the biggest ‘that’?” What if we thought about this time of year like we have never before? What if we found out we had the power to prolong someone’s life? What if we could give the gift of a ‘quality’ life? A gift that is priceless to some people. What if we could really do that?…

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