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“Happy to be Irish Day” to all of you! Being of Irish descent (my mom’s mom was from Ireland). I LOVE that I get to flaunt it today. My mom is Colleen, my sister is Shannon and my daughter is Erinn and we all get to indulge today and YES! We totally enjoy it! I wanted to share with you an article I found in Huffington Post today and I found it quite riveting and had to share. It’s about the TOXIC ingredients in McDonald’s Shamrock Shake. How sad that they can captialize on holidays (not to mention every other day of the year too) and prey on society and MAKE THEM SICK with the ‘food’ they make for us to eat. Fifty-four (yes, 54!) ingredients go into the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake! Sickness-causing toxic food colours, artificial thickeners, artificial flavours, cellulite-causing fat – why would anyone knowingly drink this? Huffington…

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