Healthy Life


ONE of MY GOALS for 2020.  “Discipline in my life and especially, regarding my health and restore it to an optimal level so that I can THRIVE”. I also am setting my intention for manifesting magical and mystical experiences in my life every day. What I understand so clearly is if you don’t have your health, nothing else matters. Celery juice leads the way I start my day – EVERY day. I’ve been making it, diligently, for almost 3 months now. (Did you know it is a superfood HERB and not a vegetable?) 👊🏻I sleep WAYYY better. 👊🏻My virus in my body is weakening. 👊🏻I feel powerful. 👊🏻My brain is clearer. 👊🏻My stomach is flat. 👊🏻I don’t have cravings of food that don’t serve my higher good. I even have my mom juicing every day for her health at 84 years of age! She said to me, “Celery juice?!! Can I add anything to it?!”…

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