Kellys 50th Birthday


What a SURPRISE it was!!! This was the invitation that everyone received!! Wow! Thank you to Ken (my creative genius) and everyone else who made this happen!! They say happiness is a state of mind…For me, this was the “Real Deal”. I was overwhelmed with a happiness I had never felt before. This ‘grateful’ post to my family is a little late as the party was September 18th but Ken and I decided to take off for a few days to Montreal right after the party. When we got home last Thursday, the businesses needed our attention and before you know it, 10 days have gone by. I’m so sorry!! This note is for my wonderful husband Ken and my beautiful daughter Erinn and her dashing boyfriend, Mike. I still can’t believe what they did for me and totally blew my mind AWAY. Somehow they got together about 80+ of…

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