2015 has been a life-changing, life-shifting year for me. As I draw this year to a close, and open this new one, it has become a time for reflection for me. To ponder on the relevance of what truly, deeply matters in life. My daughter, Erinn, wrote this incredible blog post yesterday. It is about her reflection on 2015 and it resonated so deeply for me. I’ve realized that without all of our ‘busyness’ over the past 6 years, we would never be able to relish and enjoy these newfound revelations about what is really important in our lives. We needed the hard lessons to be able to embrace the paths we are now on. This month, we just finished celebrating our 3rd year of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and in May, it was our 5th anniversary of Lettuce Love Café (renamed from Kindfood), and both are going strong. I’m humbled…

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