looking within


Life hits you sometimes clear between the eyes to let you know that something is amiss. Maybe you don’t feel well, your stomach feels full and yet, you haven’t eaten, you have some strange aches and pains, people make you agitated, and your thoughts may have become muddled. You don’t feel aligned with the planet or people and feel on the outside of the world. You are dying to hear or see a wake-up call and all along it is tapping its lovely little finger patiently waiting for you to notice. BOOM. It hits. (The wake-up call comes….) I hear this every day. Someone emails me, comments on my blog, calls me or stops me the street. “I can’t believe this is happening to me…” “I can’t believe my husband was diagnosed with this…” “Can you believe it? She was told she has cancer? I can’t believe it!!” Well here’s…

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