So yesterday, I was feeling a little stressed (BIG time), needed a lift of energy and craved a little sweet stuff but also needed my greens as well. There’s so much going on with the Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and at LettuceLove Cafe. New menu items, hiring for two stores, website crashes, writing blogs and fixing IT mistakes, creating new recipes, answering emails, update Facebook, look after Twitter,….you know, the usual. πŸ™‚ What better way to incorporate all those GREAT ingredients than to make it all in a delicious smoothie (milkshake)?! Maca Root Powder (Maca nourishes the adrenal glands, heals chronic panic and anxiety disorders and balance hormones. Peruvian warriors used to eat maca root before battle to increase their strength and endurance). Store in the fridge once opened Organic Spinach (Full of Iron and other minerals, 1 cup of spinach contains 20% of your RDA of fibre, phytonutrieints, antioxidants Vitamin…

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