Quantum Physics


Don’t underestimate the power of being IN your life!  The word meditation means, “to become familiar with”, and I’ve been digging deeply into this world a lot lately. The process of being IN my life and not a spectator. The process of owning my very own passion, my joy, my desires, my heart and not shrinking with self-doubt.  As I’ve become more familiar with the thoughts, behaviours and emotions of my ‘old self’, I’m ‘retiring’ that old self. It’s a practice 24/7 – and not just in meditation. It is a process to move through and become more and more aware of what comes into my mind and become a witness to my emotions and reactions in life.  This book has helped immensely for me to empower my journey and put so much into practice. Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza (I bought the audio version on Audible as well).…

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