Pay attention to the fear and doubt that run rampant in your body and mind – but don’t let them RUN your life. Having fear and doubt race through your mind with emotions can be honestly, stressful and debilitating – but sit with this: IT IS NATURAL. In fact, it is a GOOD THING! It means you are on the brink of expanding beyond your current capacity. It is in the AWARENESS of it that we can make a change. Fear and doubt are left over remnants from our primitive brain. Our old thinking. Our old traumas. Our old multi-generational leftover DNA that we dragged along with us to our present “today”. It is true! Our ancestors affect us whether we like it or not. Our old brains want us to stay small. Keep safe….Don’t venture into the “unknown”….“Who knows what could happen to you?!”. Holy smokes! It has power!…

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