Yacon is found in the Andes Mountians in Peru. The ‘Apple of the earth’ as it is known in its native home across the Andes, this is the vegetable that looks like a potato but tastes like a watermelon!! Eaten raw by the natives of the highlands of Andean South America, but delicious as a syrup or natural powdered sweetener, Yacon is a sweet and nutritious snack and sugar alternative that offers several health benefits! Yacon Powder (the Yacon tuber is dehydrated and then made into powder) or Yacon Syrup (pressed from the Yacon Tuber and I use as a molasses/agave subsitute) has a delightful caramel and molasses taste.  It can be used to sweeten your favourite desserts, added to cereal, blended in smoothies and mixed in with your favourite drink. Sweetness has never been so healthy! There is hope for everyone on a low-sugar diet. Imagine a non-glycemic, natural, raw,…

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