vegan gnocchi recipe


I must admit that my gnocchi are the most incredible comfort food to me on the planet. These soft yummy pillows of healthy deliciousness, that simply are surrounded by sauces that enhance the gnocchi, are something I look forward to so much when I make them. I save them for special days that I can enjoy the process of making them with uninterrupted peace and quiet and making usually two sauces to serve them with, and of course, a nice bottle of Chianti. On a side note, did you know that a single gnocchi is called a gnoccho? I learned that while researching and writing this blog today and thought I’d share that tidbit of trivia. I always thought it was gnocchis (plural) and gnocchi (singular) but I was wrong and it’s always fun to learn a new word. For this recipe, I’m giving you the easy addition of sweet…

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