virus protection


Part 2 Video – Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie Recipe. Part 3 Video – What Foods to NOT Eat There are 3 parts to this immune boosting series. Part 1 video is below. I talk about my bout with a chronic virus that took over my body for over 2 years. This is the time for us to prime our body, mind and soul with the best food and nutrition possible to get through these uncertain and trying times. Emotionally we are compromised. We are stressed. Overwhelmed and truly need support from our food. We need to think about how we can heal – but more importantly, we need to think about how we can prevent illness and stay centred in health and stay well.  There is so much to learn from Anthony William, the Medical Medium. If you haven’t heard of him he has millions of followers and has healed millions with hidden viruses in their bodies.  …

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