A bunch of carrots from Kelly Childs' garden.

I thought I’d share this healthy and delicious smoothie. We featured it often at our restaurant, LettuceLove Cafe, and the customers always love it! It tastes like Carrot Cake which makes it an instant “FALL IN LOVE” moment with the kids and if any of you know me by now, you know that this is ALWAYS my primary focus. To get kids turned ON to loving REAL FOOD!!
For me, I’m always thinking about children’s palates (their sense of taste) and how they have changed over the past 30 years. So many children now have been swayed from healthy, whole food by the likes of McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Mars (Bar) Incorporated, Dairy Industry, Sugar Assoc.(Washington DC), etc. that they have no clear idea what REAL food should taste like and are subjected to the daily onslaught of media propaganda and peer pressure. It takes brave moms and dads and other care-givers to brilliantly step in a say, “HOLD ON! Stop with this complete nonsense way ofeating!” I mean, don’t we ever question WHAT EXACTLY is going into our kids’ mouths? Will it cause them cancer, diabetes, ADHD, Coronary Heart Disease, bad teeth and gums, acne and other skin conditions too? These effects aren’t always immediate but with the daily ingestion of processed food into our little ones’ mouths WILL result in subpar health.
There is no other way around that and the great news is that we. as parents and influential people in our kid’s lives get to make a difference.
So sit back and enjoy this very easy recipe. This could one of many steps (through my easy recipes) to get HOOKED on LOVING YOUR LIFE and move one step closer towards optimal health for you and your kids.

With this picture below, you can see the easy ingredients needed to make our Bunny Smoothie. The only thing missing is the frozen bananas (cuz they’re inthe freezer Silly!)A shot of Kelly Childs' kitchen counter covered with high quality ingredients

This Bunny Smoothie is perfect for breakfast and lunch alike and will keep everyone fueled for a couple of energetic hours morning or afternoon. Even put it in your child’s thermos for school and it can be shaken for lunch.

Bunny Smoothie Recipe

(2 servings)
6 oz (1 cup) carrot and ginger juice (add a 1” piece of ginger juiced into the carrots)
10 oz (1 cup) almond or coconut milk (you can even use Canned Coconut Milk to make it Totally CREAMY!)
1 whole frozen banana cut in pieces (easier to blend)
Pinch of cinnamon

1. Put all in a hi-speed blender and BLEND until completely smooth and frothy.

Kelly Childs blending her Bunny Smoothie in her Vitamix blenderBlend away!

Kelly Childs mixing some ingredients into her Bunny Smoothie in her Vitamix blenderI garnished my smoothie with a little grated carrot, cinnamon and nutmeg.

My biggest kid of all is Ken, my darling husband. Always the ever, “pain-in-the-butt big kid” to eat well, I try to make his life as delcious and healthy as possible every day and funny enough, it’s starting to rub off on him. Yes! He is doing his own jucing every morning!! But that will be a whole new post for me to write very soon- “The Evolution of My Husband” (actually it could probably a NY times Best Seller).


Handsomest guy on the planet…Oh, I’m a lucky girl. 🙂


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