Zero to 60….in 30 seconds. With a bat of my eye, 6 decades have past by. I sometimes try to remember what life felt like when I was in my early twenties; the naivety, the rebel, the idealism, the rock and roll Scarborough girl, the freedom and simplicity of it all. Not that life was easy (it really wasn’t), but in my younger days of sheer ignorance, things felt at least less cumbersome, less heavy, less oppressive. Life feels so different now. My twenties are simply another distant (foggy) life away. Despite the ups and downs and incredible joyFULL experiences and deep heartaches too, there is one thing that has remained within my soul, and that is my conviction that anything is possible when you choose love and honour your passion within your soul at all costs. I have proven this to myself a million times now in my own…

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