Kelly’s Bake Shoppe is more than just cupcakes.
Their is magic in this business. There is magic in Downtown Burlington. It may look like they are in the cupcake business but it really is so much bigger than that.
Listen to Kelly’s story. She shares a glimpse of what their bake shoppe is really all about. Her vision for the world is enlightening.

With love!

Kelly Childs |


  1. When I finally went to Kelly’s I was in “Heaven”! I walked in and instantly felt a calm and felt like I could enjoy anything I picked up. The staff was fantastic and very friendly. When I went for my 40th Birthday I was a kid in a candy store and that calm and friendly feeling was there again. This time I splurged and got some ice cream and enjoyed every bit of it! You Kelly are an amazing woman. Your shop and your staff are proof of that. Thank you for your shop and all that you do.

  2. Jennifer G Reply

    I miss this place so much! I moved to the UK for law school and I am counting down the days till I can come back there. Missing everything from that shop, but my biggest addiction has always been the granola mix. You truly do feel welcomed, appreciated and I could never leave that shop without smiling. The positive energy is contagious.

  3. I’ve cooked from Kelly’s cookbook at least once a week since I got it. Even from Arkansas USA Kelly’s is making a difference! I love what ya’ll (you all) are doing, not only in Ontario but around the world!

  4. Justine Lowe Reply

    My two younger boys and I love this place! It is very special to us! We are frequent visitors and they call us by name! We love the food, the staff, and even the music. We always sit and relax and enjoy our drinks and food while watching the people and taking in the vibe. Everyone always has a smile on their face and we always leave smiling. Xo Justine, lucas, and logan.

  5. Paula Norton Reply

    You are an amazingly, beautiful, individual Kelly Childs! I’ve been a fan for years & one day I look forward to meeting you in person <3 thank you for INSPIRATION!

  6. I have my own software consulting business which I love…yet you make me wanna run downtown to be part of the bakeshop! Your energy is contagious and you and your team are making a difference! xo

  7. Shauna Hollis Reply

    It’s like an ancient tea ceremony where you pause, become calm, and give reverence for the remarkable… but it’s a modern day living cupcake ceremony!

  8. Suzanna Leontowicz Reply

    I love everything this woman stands for. I found this place online somehow- kismet- and instantly knew I needed to go there. This was about 2 years ago… took the 3hr drive with my 7 yr old daughter… was one of the best days of my life with her. We walked the beautiful streets, browsed through stores, then got to Kelly’s. I told my daughter we could get whatever we wanted. We ended up with 6 cupcakes and two cookies, sat in the front window of the shop. Teddy bear on the table, eating deliciousness while being bathed in sunlight. The girl behind the counter could see this was a big deal for us and she made it even more special for us by taking our picture and just going the extra mile to be kind and loving toward us. So many smiles! I LOVE this place… I think it’s time for another road trip!

  9. Pamela Belvedere Reply

    I remember shortly after having to cut out a lot of stuff out of my diet, a lot of the food I tried from other stores really didn’t taste good, and I was frustrated. But the first time I tried a muffin from Kelly’s, I cried because it tasted so good, and I was really embarrassed , but they totally understand what I was feeling.

  10. Christopher Olsen Reply

    Totally agree I first walked in there a few months after a celiac diagnosis I was pretty down. Being someone would eat almost anything and willing to try new foods to suddenly having 95%+ of menu items not available to order anymore was terrible. I will never forget waling in there and all the wonderful treats and I could eat anything there. Wow. I really can not describe how that felt other than it was my first moment I felt peace with my diagnosis. That was a year ago. Thanks Kelly.

  11. Elsie Ubriaco Reply

    The best place to unwind and feel special in every way! Like the ingredients in their baking, the staff are top notch!!! Burlington is blessed to have you and I am so lucky to work so close!

  12. Catharine Carlson Reply

    You are so lovely and Thank for teaching and spreading the love we all need it . I work a The Block co and I love when customers come in and I get a smile or I can give one . Happy Thanks giving .One Love

  13. I totally agree with your comment Kelly Childs – you totally feel the love and care that goes into all of your products the moment you walk into the door. It’s such a positive feeling from the get go! I love that you don’t feel rushed when you come into your shop and can just sit and take it all in!

  14. Christine David Reply

    So worth the drive to Burlington! Every one of your staff are rays of sunshine! Well done! We drive two hours every other week to see Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and get our ‘fix’ of love.

  15. Shannon Norman Reply

    I love this place! I moved to Burlington to be in this vibe every day. You have no idea how special you are. xo

    • Kelly Childs |
      Kelly Childs Reply

      We have been told this many times and are so honoured to be a part of this core. We love Burlington and sharing our hearts and what we do everyday here.

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