I ran out of my body scrub this morning and was pretty bummed out. There’s not a better feeling than vibrant skin that is free from dead skin living on top of it. YUK! When I scrub the dry skin off of my body, I can literally feel the difference in my health. I can feel my body and mind become revitalized and it heightens my energy level. I ‘feel’ glowing.


Our skin is our largest organ and it is really essential to give it as much love as possible and allow it to do what it is supposed to do. By giving it TLC – and not using toxic chemicals on it (toxic moisturizers, sunscreens, chlorinated tap water, etc) and every other day remove dead skin cells (with a body scrub), this encourages our bodies to ‘breathe’ and function much more optimally – its a natural detox.

Skin gets hit by a lot of external and internal pollutants and still does its best to protect our bodies from germs and harmful elements, it filters good nutrients into our body and tries to keep the bad stuff out, it synthesizes Vitamin D effortlessly (it the only natural source for us), healthy skin helps regulates our body temperature, excretes toxins and keeps us radiant and glowing.

In the winter, because we expose our skin so little, we become much more dry, dehydrated and our skin can become brittle and will crack and chap. I know! It hurts! And yes, this all adds to the aging process.

This little easy trick of scrubbing your body with this super easy body scrub will help you through these 5 loonnnngggg months of cold, wintery living and if you are going away down south, your body will already be primed for the sun exposure.

The added CBD oil (highly recommended option) adds a level of tranquility to my life. I take .5mg dropper (half of a dropper) of CBD oil daily, before I go to be every night and I take the same in the morning. It is my chill factor. Trust me, there is zero THC (trippy component) in this oil and you will only find the calming and anti-inflammatory CBD. Struggling with finding your ZEN in meditation? I guarantee you will find it better with CBD oil. For those of you suffering with insomnia, anxiety, sore joints, and elevated stress, I would give it a try (of course, consult with your naturopath or doctor before you do so).

CBD oil - for meditation

The added component of geranium oil, takes this all to the next level. It smells like a rose and is simply magical. There is not another essential oil that vibrates higher than this frequency. It works well with hormone balancing and heart-centring. I use geranium oil (a couple of drops diluted in coconut oil or jojoba oil) on my hands and feet to keep them warm. When you breathe this oil in a room through a vaporizer or essential oil diffuser it works like magic in meditation and heart love wellness.Doterra Geranium oil in Rose Body scrub

Winter Rose Sugar and Salt Body Scrub

Here is my VERY EASY, all natural Body Scrub. I hope you love it! Let me know what you think….XO

All Natural Body Scrub made with sugar, salt and coconut oil:

“Winter Rose Body Scrub” 

3 Tablespoons brown sugar (Wholesome sweeteners)

3 Tablespoons Raw sugar (always use non-refined, vegan and non-bleached)

 4 tablespoons sea salt ( I used all natural high elevation Ecuadorian Mountain Salt made by Giddy yoyo)

3 Tablespoons coconut oil (I used Dr Bronner’s

20 drops Doterra Geranium Oil (smells like rose)

1 dropper of CBD Oil

Mix/stir all ingredients in a mason jar and put lid on top. If you want it more chunky, add a bit more sugar or salt.

I re-use plastic tubs I have saved from other scrubs and recycle their use. I keep my scrub in the shower with a a small wooden spoon to scoop it out onto a wash cloth. I place some on my arm/leg/belly and some on the damp wash cloth and scrub away. Let it sit on your body for a few minutes if you can and then gently rinse off. MAGIC!

The comments are open! Let Erinn and I know what you think and we promise that we are going to give you more simple ways to make some changes in your life to continue to thrive by.

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Kelly is the co-founder and co-owner (with her daughter Erinn) of the ever popular, Kelly's Bake Shoppe, where 1000's flock to on a weekly basis. She lives in Grey County with her two cats Daisy & Tuna. You can find Kelly developing and creating marketing content and building new business ideas with her daughter Erinn. They have the ever popular podcast: Cupcakes and Consciousness on Apple and Spotify. Tune into their latest shows. Kelly & Erinn are now writing their 2nd cookbook that is due to come out in winter 2023.


  1. Thank you Kelly for this wisdom that you give us. It sounds so simple to make. Just making sure it is. 😉
    I have the perfect containers to put it in, I’ve never heard fo geranium oil but I will order tomorrow!

    • Avatar photo
      KellyChilds Reply

      Thank you Cindy! It is definitely a recipe to create. I used it again today and I feel great! xo

  2. I love this! What an incredible idea! CBD oil in a body scrub. How can I order it. Thank you!

  3. I didn’t know vitamin D came from our skin….what? How? I keep sunscreen on my kids 24/7. Maybe I shouldn’t???

  4. Do you have any other brands of coconut oil you like to use? Also…what about shea butter?

  5. I guess you really could use another oil if you wanted. I’m thinking frankincense and perhaps cinnamon. I love this idea! I’m off to Florida next week and this will save me time from the spa.

    See you soon!

    • Avatar photo
      KellyChilds Reply

      Yes! You certainly can use another oil. I’ve been working with rose oils a to lately and have felt the energetic frequency really move my heart chakra in ways I never felt before. I wanted to share the best of what I have been learning.
      I love the idea of frankincense too. You cannot got wrong any way you do this. xo

  6. Barbara P. Reply

    Thank you for guiding us to learn more about our health and how to live better. I personally cannot wait for you cookbook. I have bought maybe 12 copies of Made With Love and have given them to so many people as gifts. You have changed why life in so many ways and given me hope to get rid of the chronic pain that i live with. You have given me hope for downtown Burlington to be saved too.

    I swear if you ever have to leave, it will make me want to move too. I just would die if you had to leave Burlington. We love you so much.
    Thank you for your ever-positivity. It is contagious.

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