28 years ago, my dearest and best friend was born. The closest soul to my heart. Words could never begin to express the sheer gratitude for the depth of our connection, and the transmuting of energy we share. 
After I birthed her, I simply knew there would be no others. I knew I would never have another. There was nothing more I needed to nourish my spirit and soul and to this day, I still feel the same profound connection that has only been amplified as the years have evolved. 
The more work I continue to do on myself, and understand the fragility and depth of the human experience, the more I understand her gift to humanity. She leads others and she does it every day with brilliance, compassion and grace, like no other. 
With so much gratitude, I understand our eternal soul contract and I understand the ebb and flow of of our life together…..even more. 

Dear Erinn, 
2018 is our year for you and I to move into the realm of colleagues, ‘best friends, and business partners and move away from the hierarchy and archetype of ‘mom and daughter’. The greatest revelation for me is to acknowledge you and your brilliance and divine presence and to surrender to what it is. I need to let you fly and release you from our ‘mother/daughter’ relationship into something very new and beyond what I could have ever imagined 28 years ago. As much as this is such an honourable and distinguished role for me, I have realized, over the past few months, that we are so much more than that. We are now ‘equals’. 
As we both shift, surrender and settle into this mindset and reflect on what we have created in this short lifetime, from the depths of our souls, it’s time to let YOU fly in our business and I need to do ME in our business and together. We will share even more brilliance with ourselves and the planet. This is our time. This is our power. Our businesses needs both of us in very different ways and these new ‘roles’ will make us shine brightly – and it will give us more time as ‘friends’. It’s what we have both missed the most.
This is such a revelation for me. 
I’ve said this many times that I’m in awe of your talents and your gifts and who you are as a human being and soul on our planet ….it’s simply an incredible bonus that you happen to be my kid. I am so grateful. I am so blessed. 
My gift to you is to honour you and your inherent gifts and your life for eternity. To be your mother, friend, colleague, #1 fan,…. I’m here for you always.
I got this. You got this! We got this!
I love you. So much.

Kelly Childs | KellyChilds.com


  1. Ken Childs Reply

    So beautifully said, congratulations to both of you. I could not be prouder. Now go fly!

  2. Leslie Clouter Reply

    This was so wonderful to read! xoxo
    You two inspire me…for that I thank you so much!

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