The role of a mother is limitless, it is complex, it is pure love and tenderness, it is wisdom, and unrelenting loyalty.

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. Some mothers are expected (because they gave birth to us) and some truthfully, are not. Each one of us was created through the miraculous workings of a woman’s body; each of us has a ‘mother’. But being a mother is more than a biological concept.

In some countries and cultures, women who are profoundly nurturing and wise are called elders, “Holy Mother”, and lead tribes, just to name a few. Some of us have never met our biological mothers and through great fortune have aunts, grandmothers, adoptive parents, fathers and more, to step into this role.

 Kelly Childs mother and sister Shannon

There are spiritual mothers, Mother Earth and mother goddesses. The role of a mother is limitless, it is complex, it is pure love and tenderness, it is wisdom, and unrelenting loyalty. A mother represents selflessness, unrequited compassion, creation and love.

Mothers are our greatest influencers in our young lives – whether they (or we) believe it or not. They determine who we become, not because they actually give us life, but because they give us our greatest beginnings into living, relationships, value systems and spirituality.

A mother is your greatest cheerleader, and lauds your every accomplishment and ignores any fault you may muster. She is a healer of pain and shares our grief. All the while she gives of herself knowing that her offspring will leave her nest one day.

Motherhood is a sacred institution and as I said before, for this reason, it is not limited to biological mothers. It is not unusual to seek the motherly wisdom of a grandmother or an aunt or a best friend’s mom – because every woman is taught to be a mother from her mother (and wise women tribes), whether she chooses to have children or not.

Another profound way to see Mother is through the limitless love of Mother Earth. She gives us so much and asks for so little in return. Her love and infinite gifts are all around and we are deeply nourished each day by her – without condition.

Mothers wipe away tears, hold our hands, make us laugh, give us emotional guidance and they are NOT, inevitably, our biological moms. It doesn’t always happen that way. It is important to remember that a ‘mother’ is not guaranteed to be the one that gives us life and that we come from her womb.

A mother…a ‘mother’…. is a soul that gives us love and life and nourishes us with her tenderness and shares her profound lineage of wisdom from her heart and sends us off on our way….as a enhanced and better version of ourselves.


Happy Mothering Day to each and every one of us! | Kelly Childs

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