This was a best-seller at Kindfood (now called Lettuce Love Cafe) from the day we opened! Women, especially, swear that it helps them to lose body fat. It’s perfect for the summer or anytime you think you need a quick detox. Chosen for their fat-flushing properties, these ingredients will make you feel vibrant and healthy! |

Active time: 5 minutes
Total time: 6 minutes

1 red grapefruit, peeled and quartered
2 red apples, quartered
2 cups kale, including stems
½ cup fresh mint
1 lemon, peeled and halved

1. In the order specified, add the grapefruit, apples, kale, mint and lemon to a juicer. Juice and serve as soon as possible to get the maximum vitamin C from the citrus fruits.

Makes 2 servings

Note: By juicing in this order, the lemon cleans out the machine and pushes through the mint and kale.

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