Kelly Childs' Celery, Apple and Parsley JuiceJust by the sheer taste of this on it’s own, you would be surprised at the many health benefits of celery juice. The benefits of celery juice far outweigh the taste of it. For many, celery juice can taste salty and quite frankly, yucky and that is due to the natural salty (natural sodium) composition of this nutritious vegetable. I love juicing it as I can I can get so much juice from it and it is easily mixed with organic green apple juice and/or parsley juice to get a well balanced, more palatable flavour and I love it to start my day as often as possible.

This vegetable is an all round body regulator. It is high in magnesium and this is a mineral that helps to reduce our stress levels and allow us to cope better and sleep well at night. It improves our immune system and reduces any kind of inflammation inside our bodies with all the antioxidants that are prevalent in celery.

These antioxidants (which are optimized when juiced) found in celery help to reduce high cholesterol and also harmful toxins which make up kidney and galls stones. Can you believe that celery can actually help to pass these painful stones by breaking them down? Incredible. One glass (8 ounces) of 100% naturally juiced organic celery a day, in a matter of weeks, will help to eliminate these stones and enable us to possibly avoid hospital painful stays.

Studies have shown vital information that there are certain elements within celery (quite possibly the enzymes released when juiced), that actually prevent cancer cells from spreading (as we now know, the majority of us all carry cancer cells within us and we also know it’s the quality of the food we eat that enables the cells to be turned on or turned off). It is imperative to reduce the inflammation in the body to prevent the “growing of cancer cells” and to stop it from spreading. Celery juice’s enzymes are critical to one’s health and to stop the spreading and growth of these cancer cells.

Don’t you LOVE it? We get to live a life full of power and abundance!!

Kelly Childs' Celery, Apple and Parsley Juice

Celery, Apple and Parsley Juice


  • 8 stalks of celery
  • 2 green apples
  • fistful parsley (great for alkalizing your body)


  1. Turn juicer on and juice 4 stalks of celery first, then do parsley, then apples and then the balance of the celery stalks.
  2. Drink immediately to save all of the vital nutrition.

Note: It is helpful to juice in this order to push all the vegetables and fruit efficiently through the juicer.

Now go get some celery!

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  1. I love celery juice, especially for breakfast – it’s a great refreshing way to start the day. I’ll definitely try your exact recipe, with the green apples. Thanks!

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