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This was a best-seller at Kindfood (now called Lettuce Love Cafe) from the day we opened! Women, especially, swear that it helps them to lose body fat. It’s perfect for the summer or anytime you think you need a quick detox. Chosen for their fat-flushing properties, these ingredients will make you feel vibrant and healthy! Active time: 5 minutes Total time: 6 minutes 1 red grapefruit, peeled and quartered 2 red apples, quartered 2 cups kale, including stems ½ cup fresh mint 1 lemon, peeled and halved 1. In the order specified, add the grapefruit, apples, kale, mint and lemon to a juicer. Juice and serve as soon as possible to get the maximum vitamin C from the citrus fruits. Makes 2 servings Note: By juicing in this order, the lemon cleans out the machine and pushes through the mint and kale.

Somehow this is the winter that has never ended (today is no exception from 22C yesterday to 2C today) and it has just left so many of us ragged, full of toxins, sallow in colour and in need of a ‘Spring Tune-up’. We all need a new skip our our steps to be energized for this spring and summer and be healthy and vital enough to enjoy it. The same way we clean our homes in the Spring Season. we really need to be cognizant of the fact that our beautiful bodies need to be treated with the same care. With our homes we clean the windows inside and out, we hose down the driveway from dirt and salt and remove all the excess debris from the flower beds that were covered in snow, we clean out the garages and remove the build up of salt and sand that is…

More giggling in the New Year…what a concept and totally attainable. Even for this fresh, brand new 50 year old from 2013! In the spirit of not overburdening ourselves with too many ideas and goals and resolutions – I’m keeping this post short and hopefully, very sweet for you. What I’ve always found with “New Year’s Resolutions” is that it mostly weighs people down with goals and overwhelms us in so many ways – especially if the resolutions are struggles and aren’t being adhered to and we fail. We ultimately start with negative chatter in our minds and disappointing ourselves and this really makes no one happy – especially us. Time to say “NO” to these harsh and restrictive goals. Sometimes it’s just simply too much to burden our minds with ideas that we aren’t good enough (for example, if I lose 40 lbs. – then I will be happy…

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