Life lately has been moving at lightning speed and it’s easy to lose ourselves in the process of the flow with epic energy. MORE opportunities often mean MORE things to do and more people that want your attention. ⁣You can be pulled in a million directions at once. Trying to balance work, relationships, personal growth, family and having a social life can be overwhelming (maybe even non-existent in some categories). We can get sucked into feeling like we have to do it all which leads to burnout, adrenal fatigue, unhappy people, unbalanced emotions and so much stress. STRESS!!! It’s impossible to do it all! It’s vital to make goals and make conscious decisions and decide what things in your life are truly worth your VALUABLE energy. ⠀⠀ The concept of “overgiving,” whether’s it’s to a job, a partner, or our families can build resentment within us, which can cause us…

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