Soul journey


Dissolving this sense of “a ME” is going to feel really uncomfortable. It can sometimes feel like you’re being squeezed through something like an hourglass and it’s almost like there’s this pressure that feels overwhelming and painful and uncomfortable beyond words. But it’s also so beautifully necessary if we want a different reality. If we want a different experience in our life from the one that we’ve been having over and over and over again. The cycle of our numbing comfortableness is OVER. It is getting more and more uncomfortable every day. Have you ever had that feeling where the picture outside, being reality or ‘life’ (whatever you wish to call it), changes but it still feels somewhat the same? So, the holograph has changed, but the sensation within still remains? That’s the loop of the conditionings and that’s what creates this egoic sense of, “I am in this world” and…

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