teff brownie recipe


Teff Brownies. Who would’ve thought? For most, I bet you have never heard of this nutritious grain/flour. I personally love the teff grain and experienced it a few years back in an Ethiopian restaurant and admired the taste of the flour they used to make their flat bread called enjera. One of the smallest grains in the world, it dates back to over 4000 years on this planet. I think what I love about eating gluten-free baking is that the grains and flours can be so densely nutritious. Teff is about 12% protein and it leads all other grains in its calcium content. A cup of cooked teff offers about 123mg of calcium which is comparable to a half-cup cooked spinach. Teff is also an excellent source of vitamin C, a micronutrient not commonly found in grains. It’s also very high in fibre and B vitamins. Due to it’s earthy…

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