Travelling vegan


The joys of my job! Heck, someone has to do it!!! On Sunday, we drove to Washington DC and now I’m back….exhausted. 22 hours of driving!! (well, me being the passenger and brilliant co-pilot). We got home at 1am last night and oh my goodness, it was worth it! The cupcakes, the people, the scenery…Washington DC is stunningly beautiful, tons of fresh air and friendly people!! What I found really remarkable were the amount of trees in this town. Our only problem on the way down was driving across the border with my “Weapon of Massive Health”….a Raw Collard Wrap!! Dangerous veggies! It freaked the border police so much in fact, we were sent to the Homeland Security Building to get our car searched. As crazy as it sounds, it is the truth and to be honest, the border guard wasn’t too nice about it. I did get to keep…

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