Vegan Nut Loaf Recipe


Holiday (Nut Quinoa Millet) Loaf The healthiest protein and grains, gluten-free and plant-based (vegan) too…The most delicious, holiday meal ever. When I think of creating memories around a dinner table and I need a beautiful, healthy ‘family meal’ – this is my ‘go-to’ recipe. This fabulous main entrée does it all. It has two optimally nutritious seeds/grains in it (Quinoa and Millet), I like it for it’s comfort food quality in cooler weather and it is great as a ‘leftover’ lunch or dinner the next day (I love this loaf used for sandwiches the next day). Nuts, Quinoa, Millet and Lentils make this loaf super spectacular and super-charged full of nutrition. You’re getting your healthy complete protein, essential complex carbohydrates and TONS of fibre and high quality fats all in one package – Your tummy will thank me. This turned out so incredibly delicious, I can’t wait for an occasion to make it again.…

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