Farm Sanctuary

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My place on the planet to re-connect and just “BE” with the animals.

I’m so grateful there is a place like this that exists on the planet that gives us the chance to watch these rescued animals flourish. To watch them love one another and co-exist as they should freely is mesmerizing. To see their gentleness and inherent zest for living was a blessing. To feel the unconditional kindness they have for us as humans, is a miracle. We are the species after all, that chooses to eat them and torture them too and Farm Sanctuary shows us that there is another way to co-exist.

When I gave up eating any animal products in 2008 (after visiting Farm Sanctuary), I finally felt freedom. Freedom from any kind of weight that had been on my shoulders from carrying the pain and suffering of what happens in the secret factory farming industry.

My body also felt freedom from the unhealthy fats and proteins (like casein) and other nutrients and other toxins that were found in dairy, meat, fish and and meat by-products that I didn’t need to survive. In actuality, after saying no to the animal-based food, I THRIVED!!

What a celebration!!!

Farm Sanctuary gave me this profound life lesson and I am forever grateful.

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