Giving Back

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The joy of giving far outweighs the joy of receiving.

We’re grateful that we’ve been given the opportunity to give-back through Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and Kelly and Erinn and really have the opportunity to manifest change on this planet.

My path is a passionate one. I DO believe that we can change the world. They say that Destiny or Karma depends upon what the soul has done about that it has become aware of. This awareness brings about change when one feels compelled to work tirelessly to eradicate it. The steps I have taken to make a difference and change on this planet is what inspires me to move on more every day.  It sets my soul on fire and makes me realize that ‘being of service‘ and ‘giving back‘ is what my journey is all about.

I have many soul connections and most radiate from my connection to ending the suffering within all our souls.

A deep passion of mine is to end the inequality of the girl child, in Canada, and beyond. We don’t realize that it happens right here in our very own country, be it if is is in the form of domestic abuse, the right to equal education, the right to equal jobs with equal pay or the right to be able to freely walk the streets and not worry about rape, assault, or any other predatory affliction. The time has come to protect and elevate our girls and inspire them to be the leaders that they are naturally born to be. We have created our own foundation, aptly named, Two Fairies Foundation ( Erinn and I are thrilled we get to provide valuable resources and ‘fairy dust’ to where we want them to go, as opposed to be directed by other charities.

I also am an animal protector (I’m not an activist). I love all animals and feel that we don’t need to torture them, hurt them, confine them unethically, abuse them nor eat them. Did you know that over 3000 animals are killed in slaughterhouses every second on our beautiful planet? Factory Farming must be stopped for our planet to survive and thrive and our charity we align ourselves with is Farm Sanctuary.

We generously donate monthly to this wonderful organization that brings awareness to factory farming and the protection of these animals (with a staggering total of over 10,000,000,000 factory farmed animals a year are slaughtered in the US alone – we are robbing our planet of much needed soil, water, grain and other food sources as we are using them to feed and grow these animals). Gene Baur, the co-founder, has made international headlines with what he does for his foundation, which also includes Jon and Tracey Stewart opening Farm Sanctuary’s 4th location.

I’m honoured. I’m privileged. We have businesses that allows me to contribute to the planet in ways I had only dreamt of doing. With gratitude, I get to give my voice to the voiceless. My life became a conduit to change to: Provoke Change. Inspire. Breathe in Love.

By opening Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and writing our cookbook, Made With Love, and everything else we do every day, we have been given this opportunity to have a voice and share with the world our courage to make the planet a little brighter. We believe we can make a massive difference. We really do.

It’s our gift that we were born share.

Much Love,

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