Oh Canada.
We take you for granted. We know we do. We have freedom and opportunity like nowhere else on the planet. We have healthy food, clean water, freedom to love who we want. We have great weather, warm homes, love seats, comfy beds, blankets and air conditioning too. Automobiles, plenty of gas, cottages, homes, clothes, hairdressers, nail polish, grocery stores, farmers markets, yoga mats, laptops, laundry detergent, washing machines and iPhones. We are in the top 1% of income earners in the world – Google it! (An income of $32,400 will allow you to make the cut). This makes our jaw drop.
Today, and all summer long, we celebrate Canada with gratitude. This planet needs us reach out to hug one another and give back like never before….let’s lead the way!
Love Kelly and Erinn XO
Watch us LIVE at Kelly’s Bake Shoppe on Canada Day (Saturday morning)


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