Elora Mill Wedding


Erinn and Michael’s wedding was Friday, September 14, 2018 – I wanted to share my heart with all of you and what I said to the guests and to Erinn and Michael when it was my turn to take the podium. This is my ‘Mother of the Bride’ speech that evening: “They say that as little girls, we always dream of our fairy tale wedding day when we grow up. It’s a magical day that many of us dream about throughout our lives. I certainly did! So much so, in fact, I did it two times! But the truth is that it’s nothing in comparison to THIS – your daughter’s wedding trumps all of that! Nothing is more profoundly emotional and deeply heartfelt than your daughter’s wedding. True. I never really fully understood my actual role as a mother until today. The sheer joy that comes from witnessing this child that you birthed,…

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