Kelly and Erinn Cookbook


I’m featuring our Raspberry Coconut Squares today! It’s a super easy dessert recipe, from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, and it’s also in our book, Made With Love. We discovered there was a slight error in the book (thank you to a dedicated fan – Suzanne M., for pointing it out) and thought we would try to share this corrected version asap. Trust us, we are embarrassed over this and with 3 editors and multiple revisions to the book, this one still snuck through. Gosh!! Please forgive us. Please note: the *denotes the updates. Raspberry Coconut Squares – *edited These are so easy to whip up and people will think you fussed! You can use any cookies from your cupboard or freezer to whiz a batch of cookie crumbs in the food processor. Couldn’t be simpler or more versatile. We encourage you to enjoy these with a glass of Chocolate Hemp Milk. A Chocolate-raspberry…

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