Lettuce Love Staff


Happy Christmas and Merry New Year! First of all, I’d like to share this very special love note to all of our staff that works with us at Lettuce Love Café and Kelly’s Bake Shoppe. There are now 34 of you. xo Sometimes right our of nowhere we get zapped into a grateful moment and it propels us into a very deep reality of realizing how VERY blessed we are and puts us into a state of gratitude or bliss and profound happiness. That’s how I’ve been feeling every day lately… right to my very core of heart-warming overwhelm of love, devotion and gratitude. It’s not like I didn’t realize it already. For me it was like falling deeper in love with all of our staff and this warmth came radiating out of me. I was looking at all of you and saying to myself, “all these lovely souls set…

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